Among the notable designer’s at yesterday’s BagTrends Arm Candy Party were Clara Kasavina and the work of her daughter, Anya Rubin. This family of artists (Clara’s husband, Mischa is a sculptor who’s work is often incorporated into the designs of both mother and daughter) are of Russian heritage and are richly cultured. Their pieces are handcrafted in an artisan studio in the heart of New York City and represent individual works of art that have been formed into a line of fine jewelry, handbags and belts.

Me with designer/artist Clara Kasavina

Sophisticated, glamorous, enchanting and lovely are the thoughts that this collection invokes. Made from the finest exotic materials, hand cast metal frames and finished with intricate crystal settings (Swarovski Elements), it is no surprise that Clara Kasavina is represented by the finest stores around the world and additionally, her work can be found in museums and in private collections of Hollywood celebrities and high profile women on the social circuit worldwide. (

How stunning are the hand – painted python clutches (inspired by her daughter’s paintings)???

‘Kasavina finds inspiration in the work of Peter Carl Faberge, in her birth city of St. Petersburg, Russia and in the shapes of nature. Rather than catering to the current fads, she strives to create a timeless style’.  (

This necklace is handcrafted by Anya Rubin; made of fine Italian ribbon and Swarovski Elements.

Jewelry below by Anya Rubin


I create from the depth of my soul. My emotions and experience are transmitted from my intimate inner world on to a canvas, so that I can enlighten, learn, teach and share with those who look. My art is a piece of my personal story. I open my spirit to the viewer through imagery.

Anya Rubin


That being said, I was completely breath-taken by both Clara and her daughter’s work. I wanted to touch and feel (and own) every piece. I also wanted to hug Clara and absorb some of her amazing energy (I settled for a picture). She was so amiable and projected the kind of energy you’d imagine feeling as you sipped tea in a foreign country while the sun was setting and a soft breeze was fluttering. (please excuse the overly sentimental analogy; I feel dreamy)*