For JC’s birthday, we enjoyed a mini stay-cation at M Resort and Casino, right here in Las Vegas.

I was super excited for this trip, because we had been talking about booking one of these rooms for a while now. The architectural design is just so cool, with floor to ceiling windows that curve until they form a point, creating a totally unique living space.

M Resort has a great vantage point of both the Las Vegas Strip, as well as the mountains that surround the Valley. The Loft Suite is just window after window of great views, with blinds that open and close with the touch of a button.

The main bathroom (there are 2) in the Flat Suite resembles something that you might find in a really nice spa, with luxury touches, including bath products from their actual spa. The soaking tub offers the same floor to ceiling, window views as the other rooms – mountains during the day, and a sprawling sea of lights at night.

For dinner, we were invited to enjoy a meal at Anthony’s Prime Steak & Seafood, one of our favorite steakhouses in Las Vegas, conveniently located just downstairs by the casino. We’ve eaten here several times since moving to the area, but it is still always a special treat…

After dinner, we were gifted a birthday cake, along with a variety of hand selected pastries, from one of our favorite bakeries, Baby Cakes. also, conveniently located by the hotel elevators. We probably shop at Baby Cakes once a week when we’re in town, stocking up on ham and Swiss croissants, freshly made ice-cream, and my personal favorite – the coconut meringues.

Settling into the room for the night, we were treated to a beautiful moon rise, as well as sweeping views of the Las Vegas Strip in the distance. It’s incredible how bright the strip is at night… it really is just this enormous oasis in the middle of nowhere.

Driving back and forth to Lake Tahoe this Winter (and also to Park City, Utah) has really made me realize the vast amount of land that surrounds this popular city.

In awe of the beauty.

Sunrise the next morning…