Kraft Mountain


Kraft MountainDSC09479 Kraft MountainDSC09568a Kraft MountainDSC09582 Kraft MountainDSC09587Kraft Mountain_460872528 Kraft MountainDSC09594 Kraft MountainDSC09655a Kraft MountainDSC09717 Kraft MountainDSC09722 Kraft MountainDSC09730a Kraft MountainDSC09741 Kraft MountainDSC09748 Kraft MountainDSC09753 Kraft MountainDSC09754a

Lol…a little vanity in the desert.

Feels silly, but not quite ready to lose the long nails just yet.

Soon. Kraft MountainDSC09759 Kraft MountainDSC09766a Kraft MountainDSC09776a Kraft MountainDSC09788 Kraft MountainDSC09791 Kraft MountainDSC09795 Kraft MountainDSC09796 Kraft MountainDSC09812 Kraft MountainDSC09832a Kraft MountainDSC09861a Kraft MountainDSC09865aKraft Mountainhighres_460872668 Kraft MountainDSC09889 Kraft MountainDSC09901 Kraft MountainDSC09915a What do you see when you look at the rocks in the photo below? Michelle asked this question to the group and surprisingly, I was the first to get the answer – saw it right away!Kraft MountainDSC09944a Kraft MountainDSCN3990a

Below: Petroglyphs….
Kraft MountainDSCN4036a