Heavenly Mountain Resort

In the shade, it was a brutally cold morning.

As we made our way higher up the mountain, ice started to form a thin layer on the lift. The occasional gust of wind would blow through that seemed to impossibly find it’s way inside several layers of clothing.

But then, every so often, the sun would shine down and provide a few moments of warming relief. Looking around at the Winter landscape, it was hard to be too bothered by the cold.

At 10,040 feet, the top of Sky Express is the second highest peak at Heavenly.

A medical center with rescue sleds and avalanche dogs sits at the top to remind guests that this can be a dangerous, albeit exhilarating sport.

Ridge Run Trail might start at the second highest peak at the resort, but it is actually one of the easier, groomed (blue) trails on the mountain. That being said, there are plenty of spots where you can weave into the trees for a bit, and there are some steep spots as well.



This is the rest of Ridge Run Trail, back down to Sky Express…