Living in Las Vegas definitely has its perks. Take, for example, the amazing pool parties that take place regularly throughout the summer! Nothing but sunshine and good vibes as the world’s best dj’s host some of the hottest parties in the country.

Yup…that’s all right in my back yard!

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino hosts one of our favorite poolside parties, called Rehab, which takes place at their Beach Club, featuring a sand bottom pool lined with full service cabanas and tropical landscaping. The pool area that we normally go to is 21 and over, and there are shotski girls walking around in thong bikinis and tutus. When it gets too hot out, you might get cooled down by a Champagne shower (not joking as demonstrated in some of the videos I took!).

This past weekend, JC and I scored an invite to a VIP cabana where we were treated to free-flowing mixed drinks like vodka and cranberry and buckets of beer, along with some yummy snacks like fresh fruit and…well, I never made it past the drinks, beer and fruit.

Yeah, I was pretty hungover the next day. But…I had an absolute blast at the party. That’s cool, right?

In fact, at this point, I’ve been to at least a half dozen Rehab parties now and I’ve never not had a good time!

That being said, I could’ve benefited greatly had I not over indulged. No one, and I mean no one, enjoys hugging a toilet bowl at two in the morning and yeah, it was that bad.

Funny that the name of this pool party is Rehab…hmmm.

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