Last night at the BagTrends Arm Candy Party, I had the pleasure of meeting designer, Zara Zimmerman, a third generation designer who is madly in love with New York (the city).

Zara’s use of textures and silhouette caught my eye from a distance and upon closer inspection I was no less than impressed. Feathers and playful silhouettes and fabrics are incorporated into her work along with unique design elements. For example, the 14th Precinct, a slingback purse which resembles a gun holster and has an adjustable double-shoulder with snap-closure and back pocket.

Zara’s handbag collection (AKA: the Zara Terez handbag collection) comprises handbags with names such as the ‘Central Park West’, the ‘Chelsea’, and of course ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. She breaks her collection down to three distinct style categories: Clubbing, Strolling, and Schlepping.

Clubbing bags are dressier and a bit more glam while Strolling bags encompass the casual – daytime bag and Schlepping bags are over-sized offering plenty of room for all your overnight needs. Each style reflects aspects of a different neighborhood located in the five boroughs of New York City.

On her website,, Zara says:

“With my collection, I have fused the cultural, environmental, and generational influences in my life to create beautiful, timeless handbags and make them accessible for stylish and independent women who want to look fabulous while maintaining their sense of individuality”.
She also has a collection of ties of which Christian Siriano is a fan!