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Queen Emma Bridge

The Queen Emma Bridge in Curacao, known by locals as the “Swinging Old Lady” is a pontoon based pedestrian bridge, that swings to the side of the riverbank in order to let boats pass through.

The entire area surrounding the Queen Emma Bridge is full of activity – restaurants, shops, outdoor pool tables, Pokéstops, giant iguana statues, nightclubs…you name it!

If you want to cross the river while the bridge is closed to pedestrians, there is a free ferry that runs non stop.

Walking Otrabando Curacao-134100QUEEN EMMA BRIDGE-2-130853Curacao Otrabanda-_115952QUEEN EMMA BRIDGE-2-_130915Night time

At night, the arches over the walkway are an alternating rainbow of led lights that reflect beautifully on the water – as do all of the brightly lit, colorful buildings that line the river banks!Queen Emma Bridge-DSC04368Queen Emma Bridge-DSC04407Queen Emma Bridge-DSC04489Queen Emma Bridge-DSC04400Queen Emma Bridge-DSC04378

Surrounding AreaCuracao Otrabanda-DSC03593 Curacao Otrabanda-_201235 Curacao Otrabanda-_131546pikachu otrabanda-16363379

Rif Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is just a short walk from the Swinging Old Lady.

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