We had plenty of extra time before our flight back to New York City, so prior to going through security, we sat outside and snacked on some food, while trying to lure Pokemon…

I watched a couple of real life birds too.

They were super cute; one was a bright yellow with a little bit of orange on it’s face and the other had a pretty black and white pattern, with a bright yellow underbelly.

They were hopping around under the table, scavenging for crumbs.
Flight home from Curacao-144115 Flight home from CuracaoDSC04914

Using the bird identification chart from Christofelpark, I know that the yellow bird is a Gele Zanger, aka a Yellow Warbler and that the black and white bird is a barika hel, or bananaquit   At the airport in Curacao-DSC04921 Flight home from Curacao-163347 Flight home from Curacao-DSC03789 The runway is right next to the ocean…Flight home from CuracaoDSC03805curacao-airport-dsc03806curacao-airport-dsc03808

Flying at sunset is a surreal experience.

First the colors are ethereal shades of white and blue.

Then, they turn to deep shades of red, orange and black!

(I was listening to Martin Garrix’s Don’t look down on repeat)

Flight home from CuracaoDSC03813 Flight home from Curacao-DSC03821 Flight home from CuracaoDSC03826

Flying over New York City at night is also a really cool experience!

If you look closely, you can just barely make out some of the buildings that make up the Manhattan skyline.

Flight home from CuracaoDSC03829It feels good to be back home and as far as the weather goes, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

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