Summer on the East Coast is a precious commodity. Everyone who lives here knows it’s only a matter of time before the fuzzy sweaters come out of storage and the leaves begin to fall from the trees!

As far as transitional weather goes however, today was the perfect day – a ten, out of ten!

The sun was shining and there was a cool breeze blowing across the state that was completely invigorating and made me feel totally alive and in the moment!

I spent the afternoon hanging out at my dad’s house, drinking Corona Extra (with a twist of lime and salt, of course), and enjoying the perfect weather.

(Backyard) Flora and Fauna

In addition to squirrels, lots of birds and a couple of cute cats, it’s not unusual to see a black bear or two raiding food from the feeder my dad keeps filled with birdseed.

Not quite as big, but equally as scary to some, I also saw quite a few  bees hanging out on the brightly colored flowers in my dad’s garden …thankfully, I’m not allergic!

september-2016-dsc06853 So many beautiful flowers…september-2016-dsc06861

Below: Kousa dogwoodseptember-2016-dsc06915 september-2016-dsc06919 september-2016-dsc06923 september-2016-dsc06925 september-2016-dsc06930september-2016-dsc06936Chillin’…september-2016-dsc07010september-2016-dsc07018 september-2016-dsc06874

Boo has been absolutely hating this sock and sandal combo that I’ve been sporting lately, but I’m obsessed, ha-ha!september-2016-dsc06900 september-2016-dsc07094

Chicken crossing…september-2016-dsc07046 september-2016-dsc07101

Game on!

My dad secretly gathered a small stash of these prickly little plants and bombarded me with them when I wasn’t paying attention – so funny!!!

By the time I knew what hit me (literally), he was looking off in the other direction, hands in pockets, whistling… (that’s his guilty look).

september-2016-dsc07106summer-2016-september-dsc07108Lots of birds…september-2016-dsc07145september-2016-dsc06879september-2016-dsc06952Zoomed in…september-2016-dsc06952aTotal comfort zone…september-2016-dsc06910

Unsolicited product pitch below:

I’m obsessed with this plaid, sweater, drink koozie, which I got at a random gift shop in Nevada maybe about two years ago. I loved the idea so much that I even picked up a few for my friends to bring back as souvenirs.

I also love this Tory Burch tote

Not only does it hold a lot of stuff (camera, light sweater, lip gloss, phone, etc.)…but is also has a semi glossy, hard-ish exterior, which is super easy to keep clean!

The material is a treated leather that gives it a polished appearance with plenty of durability; perfect for placing on outdoor surfaces, like picnic tables 😉september-2016-dsc06872