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Fresh off of our whale watching tour, we headed over to Honu Restaurant in Maui – a spot recommended by our tour guides on the boat. “If you only order one thing while you’re there, make sure it’s the Ahi Tuna Bruschetta”, said the guide and everyone who has dined there before quickly nodded their heads in agreement.

So…we got the bruschetta, along with a few other yummy treats like a cheesy brussel sprout dish and possibly the best shrimp sandwich that I’ve ever had in my entire life – seriously good with fresh herbs and a flavor that is best described as melt in your mouth delicious! We also had incredibly good oyster shots that came with caviar; and boo ordered a Moscow Mule, topped with a giant piece of candied ginger – immediately turning him into a newfound fan of the specialty drink.

The food was a notch above incredible, but so was the atmosphere.

Our server was super friendly and full of personality. She was efficient and even though she wouldn’t let JC sneak home the copper mug that he desperately wanted to put in his pocket as a souvenir, I have to say she deserves 4.9 stars for every other aspect of the meal.

Our table was right on the water and so we had an amazing view of the island. It wasn’t long before I realized the giant sea turtles swimming around, just a few yards from where we were seated! I only saw a wild sea turtle for the first time in Curacao, earlier this year and now they were right here – poking their cute little heads out of the water and occasionally spraying a stream of water in the air (why do they do that anyway???).

Overall, Honu was such an awesome experience on multiple levels and if you find yourself on the island of Maui, then do yourself a favor and stop by for a meal – I’m quite certain that you’ll be super glad that you did!

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