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The Delta One Experience wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be, but it was still pretty awesome. After 15 days on board the Star Princess, we decided to trade in some miles and upgrade our flight back to the East Coast; Los Angeles to New York City.

The pros were the private check in, the on board food, the private space with fully lay down seats, and the extra amenities in the form of over the ear headphones and a tumi toiletries bag.

The cons were that the check in dude seemed pretty jaded about life in general, the on board flight attendant to passenger ratio seemed off (in a bad way), and I felt as though the attendants were somewhat uninterested and unavailable for simple requests like water. That’s partially because it was an overnight flight and also because there were a lot more passengers to tend to.

(Photo below: This was a message that Delta sent me a few days before my flight. Do you see the typo?)

The Delta One Experience_081941 The Delta One ExperienceDSC08459The check in area for DeltaOne…The Delta One ExperienceDSC08492The Delta One ExperienceDSC08465The Delta One ExperienceDSC08496
The Delta One ExperienceDSC08473
The Delta One Experience_092830The Delta One ExperienceDSC08478 The Delta One ExperienceDSC08472 The Delta One ExperienceDSC08487The Delta One ExperienceDSC08484
The Delta One Experience_143834 The Delta One Experience_104746 The Delta One Experience_144549The Delta One ExperienceDSC08515 The Delta One ExperienceDSC08517 The Delta One ExperienceDSC08528 The Delta One ExperienceDSC08532 The Delta One ExperienceDSC08534 The Delta One ExperienceDSC08538The Delta One ExperienceDSC08499
The Delta One ExperienceDSC08510The Delta One ExperienceDSC08540 The Delta One ExperienceDSC08543 The Delta One ExperienceDSC08545 The Delta One ExperienceDSC08554 The Delta One ExperienceDSC08555 The Delta One ExperienceDSC08558 The Delta One ExperienceDSC08561 The staggered seating is great if you end up with one of the inside seats that is against the window. Otherwise, you have to lean over a table to see out the window and if you’re closer to the aisle, you get bumped into a lot more. Boo scored the lucky window seat for this flight… 😉The Delta One ExperienceDSC08585 The Delta One ExperienceDSC08587 The Delta One ExperienceDSC08590The Delta One ExperienceDSC08583