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Today, we flew to Los Angeles and I couldn’t be more excited! Not because this is an awesome flight over the snowy Midwest, but because the reason that we’re in L.A. is to embark on a fifteen day cruise to Hawaii!

Not only am I super stoked to see Hawaii for the first time (I keep hearing how beautiful it is), but I’ll also be checking one more state off of my USA list. After this, I’ll only have one state left – Alaska – before I can proudly say that I’ve been to every single state in the United States!

Par for course, the flight from JFK was absolutely breathtaking and I was sure to snag a window seat and have my camera ready! The pics start off with a bird’s eye view leaving NYC and then we get to my favorite part of the flight – flying over the wintery, snow capped mountains out West – including a ski resort – though haven’t quite figured out which one yet. The last few pics, after the mountains, are touching down in Los Angeles…

Flight to Los Angeles-DSC05471 Flight to Los Angeles-DSC05484 Flight to Los Angeles-DSC05509 Flight to Los Angeles-DSC04462 Flight to Los Angeles-DSC04464 Flight to Los Angeles-DSC04478 Flight to Los Angeles-DSC04492 Flight to Los Angeles-DSC04528 Flight to Los Angeles-DSC04537 Flight to Los Angeles-DSC04581 Flight to Los Angeles-DSC04585 Flight to Los Angeles-DSC04589 Flight to Los Angeles-DSC04605 Flight to Los Angeles-DSC04606 Flight to Los Angeles-DSC04636 Flight to Los Angeles-DSC04646