Whenever flying out of Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, I like to try and grab a quick bite to eat at Casa Avila. The first time I ate here was for breakfast and I was blown away by the flavors of the egg dish that I ordered; Huevos Avila. It was mildly spicy and cooked to perfection: 2 eggs over easy on top of Manchego cheese and ham, topped with crispy shoe string potatoes. O.M.G.

This time around, I ordered the fried calamari with a cilantro-chipotle aioli. It came out of the fryer hot and dusted in a chili powder. I added a fresh squeeze of lime and it was perfection! The batter is so light and crispy and the chili powder, lime and chipotle aioli are a fresh departure from marinara sauce.Delta Flight to New York City_154225

Thanks to Delta, I enjoyed a comfortable flight from San Juan to JFK Airport in a window seat.
Delta Flight to New York City_170055Delta Flight to New York City_170113 Delta Flight to New York City_170119 Delta Flight to New York City_170602

During the flight, I watched the movie 33 about the true story of Chilean miners who get trapped underground for over 2 months; it was crazy to see what they went through during that time!

Delta Flight to New York City-DSC09579

I ended up eating again on the plane; garden salad to start, followed by chicken, rice, and green beans. Because of my calamari appetizer at Casa Avila I skipped the bread and dessert.

Delta Flight to New York City_174235

The highlight of this trip had to be the incredible sunset!Delta Flight to New York City-DSC09588 Delta Flight to New York City-DSC09597 Delta Flight to New York City-DSC09606

Followed by the cute dog in seat next to me… Delta Flight to New York City-DSC09611

And the beautiful landing at night…

Beautiful landing into NYC.-DSC09616