We woke up at our friend Ben’s house with plenty of time to catch our 3 o’clock flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico. After a couple shots of chilled tequila, followed by steak and eggs, fresh off of the grill, we made it out the door with barely enough time to deal with traffic, drop off the rental car, and check our bags by the 1:59 PM cutoff time.

It was a hectic run through security, despite having pre-check. For a moment, when we realized that the terminal number had been changed and we now needed to ride a shuttle bus to the new terminal, we were certain we would miss our departure time. Luckily, the plane was running late from its last location, which bought us just enough time to get to our gate and catch our breathe.

Once we were in the air and the captain took off the ‘fasten seatbelts’ sign, we enjoyed a hot meal (surprisingly tender short rib with steamed carrots, mashed potatoes, salad, hot bread, and a sea salted brownie for dessert), along with a Delta Sky Breeze – vodka mixed with cranberry juice and sparkling Fresca. We began our initial descent into San Juan just around the twilight hour and consequently, the view from the plane’s window seat was extra beautiful.

The lights from the city were sparkling against a sky of pastel pink and blue. Looking out at the harbor, I could see a cruise ship docked and smaller boats carving white tails in the water. Although I didn’t want to leave Connecticut, I have to say it’s always nice to be back in PR.

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