Traveling to and from Bradley International Airport just got a whole lot sweeter with the opening of the Escape Lounge.

To be fair, this lounge opened like a year ago, but I didn’t know about it until recently, so it’s still pretty new for me. I practically did cartwheels when I found out I was already a member thanks to a partnership with the AMEX Global Lounge Collection – um, awesome!

For non-members, a day pass costs a fee of $45, but it is totally worth it if you’ve got a couple of hours to spare before or after your flight.

The 45 bucks includes:

Unlimited food from a mini buffet, which includes a small, but well thought out selection of delicious meals that change throughout the day.

Unlimited beer, wine and house liquor (premium brands are available for an extra charge). I believe the word ‘unlimited’ might be slightly misleading here since I’m sure that they would cut you off at a certain point – as they should, lol.

A relaxing place to chill with charging stations and free WiFi.

I’m not sure where else in the airport you can get a couple of alcoholic beverages, a meal, relax for a couple of hours, etc. for $45. A couple of beers and a small order of wings could easily cost that at an airport restaurant.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention one of my favorite features of the lounge – the espresso/cappuccino machine. Most of the Delta Sky lounges have them, but I was happy to see one in the Escape Lounge as well. I overheard a gentleman comment that he needed one of them in his house, and then a woman responded that they cost about 20 grand!!! I don’t know if she was exaggerating or not, but deng…if not, then that’s some expensive coffee.