On the drive to the hotel, I couldn’t help but notice that there is a good amount of urban decay on the streets surrounding the property…

I’m not talking about one or two abandoned properties, but a multitude of buildings and once – gorgeous estates that are now in complete shambles; the windows are cemented shut, the roofs are caving in, and the overgrown yards are a gathering spot for lost trash.

Of course, there’s the requisite graffiti that accompanies this particular type of landscape (although, admittedly some of it is really well done – my respect to the artist(s)).

On our drive there, the streets were relatively empty, though surprisingly seemed to have quite a few Pokéstops.

Very interesting…rubs chin(s).Urban Decay in CuracaoDSC04585 Urban Decay in CuracaoDSC04586

The Ritz Village20160823_171944 The Ritz VillageDSC04851 The Ritz VillageDSC04533urban-decay-in-curacao_143157 The Ritz Village-DSC04546Urban Decay in Curacao-DSC04548 Urban Decay in Curacao-DSC04545 Urban Decay in Curacao-DSC04840 Urban Decay in Curacao-DSC04843 Urban Decay in Curacao-DSC04857 Urban Decay in CuracaoDSC04531 Urban Decay in Curacao-DSC04550Urban Decay in CuracaoDSC04858The Ritz VillageDSC04536The Ritz VillageDSC04833

Walking Otrabanda…

By late morning, boo twists my arm to go for a walk outside of the hotel complex.

Before agreeing to the idea of leaving the hotel by foot, I ask two employees if the surrounding area is safe.

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