Flight from New York City to Curacao:

Since Delta doesn’t offer flights to Curacao right now, we flew JetBlue for a change.

I might be forgetting a trip, but I think it’s been about two years since we flew with JetBlue?

Surprisingly, we got to the airport with plenty of time to spare (go team)!
Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-093745 Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-093940

We even had just enough time to enjoy a pre- flight drink in the TrueBlue lounge…Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-105335

Almost time for takeoff…!!! #WindowSeat #JetSet #Curacao (Instagram)Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-_110433 If you look close enough at the background of the pic below, you can see the Manhattan skyline in the distance…Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-112802

Good bye fluffy, green trees and snake-like waterways…see you again in a week!Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-114546

Sitting on top of the world…Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-a113629 Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-105622


Wow, check out those green bays!

Noticeably missing?

An abundance of tall buildings…

As far as I can find online, the two tallest buildings in Curacao seem to both be hotels. One is 14 floors and the other is 5.

Also missing: Wal-mart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Costco, or pretty much any other big name store that we’re used to seeing in the United States, with the exception of a few fast food chains like Starbucks, Subway, Burger King, McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-DSC03983 Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-DSC03985

Turquoise Water

Although we could see how turquoise the water surrounding the island is from the plane, the view is somewhat obstructed by the aging refinery tanks and multiple loading docks.

Not exactly the tropical paradise I was initially expecting full of palm trees and parrots, but it’s beautiful nonetheless; especially the areas that are rugged without the man made structures obscuring the view.

Another notable view from the plane is a good sized natural wall, running across the inner portion of the island…

Continental drift baby…pretty cool stuff!

Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-DSC03994Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-DSC03989 Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-DSC03987 Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-153058 Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-DSC04002Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-152834Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-153021 Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-DSC04006 Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-DSC04011 Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-DSC04016 Curacao-August 2016-Flight from NYC-162519

Day 1:

The first thing I noticed exiting the small airport was the heat.

Man, the heat hit me like a bag of bricks and turned me into a zombie for the first hour or so while I adjusted.

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