The atmosphere at Papayago Beach is definitely relaxed with beautiful white sand and a gorgeous infinity pool that seems to merge right into the ocean!

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from and they all offer amazing views of the water…

In addition to the shops and restaurants, there was a game of beach tennis taking place and a singer performing a pretty damn good version of Rihanna’s song “we found love”.


Papagayo Beach-082910 Papagayo Beach-130641 Check out that infinity pool!!!Papagayo Beach-181901 Game of beach tennis…Papagayo Beach-DSC04274 Diving dock out in the water…Papagayo Beach-DSC04256 Papagayo Beach-DSC04258 Papagayo Beach-DSC04259 Papagayo Beach-DSC04260 Papagayo Beach-DSC04267 Papagayo Beach-DSC04253 Papagayo Beach-DSC04255 Papagayo Beach-DSC04291 For some reason, there was a giant yellow submarine in the parking lot.Papagayo Beach-DSC04251

Zest Restaurant

Next to the beach is an outdoor, but shaded Mediterranean Restaurant that we decided to try for lunch.

The service was great and within a few minutes we had placed our order and were sipping on ice cold Amstel Brights.

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