Inside Rif Fort

Rif Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is just a short walk from the Swinging Old Lady.

My first impression of the fort is that it feels more like a tourist trap than a historical landmark; there are more souvenir shops and restaurants than glimpses into the building’s past.

However, if you want an ice cold latté, or a towel with ‘Curacao’ embroidered on it in bold blue letters, then you’ll want to stick around and check out the goods.

We didn’t stay in this area for too long, but we did grab some iced macchiatos from the Starbucks down the street and even caught a couple of Pokémon.

The walk back was a lot of fun, because while searching for Krabby, I ended up seeing the real thing hanging out behind the fort; first I saw one giant crab and then, I noticed more…a lot more!

It was neat watching them scurry around sideways. Every so often a big wave would crash over the side of the rock wall and they’d all start moving at once towards the rocks.

There was also a decent sized iguana lounging in the sun…Curacao Otrabanda-_120822Rif Fort Curacao 2016-120850Rif Fort Curacao 2016-120858 Rif Fort Curacao 2016-121040Wildlife

Can you see the big crab hanging out on the rocks?Curacao Otrabanda-DSC04605 How’about now?Curacao Otrabanda-DSC04608

All those specks in the pic below are actually decent sized crabs!Curacao Otrabanda-DSC03761 Zoomed in…rif-fort-crabs-2dsc04614fort-rif-crabs-3dsc04615This iguana was just hanging out  in the sun…Curacao Otrabanda-DSC04612PokémonGo

Meowth was all claws out today…took like six balls to finally capture her.Curacao Otrabanda--12341520

Papayago Beach

Wanting to change things up a bit, we took a friend’s advice and headed over to Papayago Beach where we realized that we were really hungry!

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