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When I saw these at a gas station in the UK, I had to try them.

Not because I actually though that they would taste good, but because apparently I have a morbid sense of curiosity and I just had to know what the hell shrimp flavored potato chips would taste like.

Oh, I’m sorry…I mean prawn flavored potato crisps.

So, the verdict?

They taste exactly like what you’d imagine a shrimp cocktail version of a potato chip to taste like. But, I didn’t really like that. The combination was too weird for me.

Prawn flavored crisps_20130928_081832

So far, we’ve come across a bunch of word differences in the language…

British English/American English

Toilets/Restrooms or bathrooms
Litter/Trash or garbage
Give way/Yield
To let/For rent or lease
Free house/Vacancy
Car park/Parking lot
Round about/Rotary
Half turn/Slight turn
Calling/Stopping (For instance train calling next at [insert] station…)
Tick here/Check here