After nearly a month in Switzerland, our tour group is over and JC and I are on our own. Since we still plan to remain in Europe for about another two weeks, we decided to head back to Saint Vincent, Italy where we stayed immediately before coming to Switzerland. I know a lot of people would want to explore somewhere new, but we tend to be the type of people who, if we like something, we stick with it (I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve been to Puerto Rico and Las Vegas). Plus, on our previous trip, we didn’t feel as though we had the chance to fully explore the area and so we wanted to go back and dive deeper into this mountain town. Saint Vincent is truly picturesque with lots of little shops, restaurants, and friendly locals. It is also a great destination for skiing during the winter months (we hope to go back again for this reason).

Last time we were here, we stayed at the Grand Hotel Billia and it was Uh-mazing! We considered going back until reading some reviews on TripAdvisor for the Best Western Plus, which is just down the street from Grand Hotel Billia and is getting some great reviews. In fact, after Grand Hotel Billia, the Best Western Plus is ranked #2 for hotels in Saint Vincent. That, combined with wanting to rack up some BW points (for future free stays/upgrades), we decided to book two nights.

If I had to pick a theme song for the drive from Mendrisio, Switzerland to Saint Vincent, Italy, it would definitely be “The Long and Winding Road” by the Beatles! The drive we took was full of twists and turns, long tunnels, tall bridges, and plenty of photo-worthy back drops!

Mendrisio to Sain Vincent-DSC02365

Mendrisio to Saint Vincent, Italy-DSC02374 Mendrisio to Saint Vincent, Italy-DSC02387 Mendrisio to Saint Vincent, Italy-DSC02431 Mendrisio to Saint Vincent, Italy-DSC02475 Mendrisio to Saint Vincent, Italy-DSC02493 Mendrisio to Saint Vincent, Italy-DSC02494 Mendrisio to Saint Vincent, Italy-DSC02507Mendrisio to Saint Vincent, Italy-DSC00987Mendrisio to Saint Vincent, Italy-DSC01074Mendrisio to Saint Vincent, Italy-DSC01079Mendrisio to Saint Vincent, Italy-DSC01083Mendrisio to Saint Vincent, Italy-DSC01084Mendrisio to Saint Vincent, Italy-DSC01085Mendrisio to Saint Vincent, Italy-DSC02532Mendrisio Switzerland Travel to Saint Vincent Italy Map-092651