I am a Mexican food junkie and with yesterday being Cinco de Mayo, I just had to celebrate with some traditional cuisine. Now my typical go-to spot for Mexican food is Dos Caminos, and for good reason. They have some of the best ceviches, mole poblano, and guacamole that a girl can ask for. Plus, the Sangria is to die for – seriously, amazing!

However, when a friend suggested we go more low key and hit a local hot spot called Tacos El Gordo, I caved and I’m glad I did! This place is a small fast food restaurant located on the strip that makes some of the best tacos I’ve had in a long time. There is nothing fancy about this little joint that serves up two dollar tacos served with a side of radishes, leeks and roasted jalapeno. Where it lacks in luster, however, it makes up for in price and flavor – two key components when eating out. In fact, out of thousands of restaurants in Las Vegas, Taco El Gordo ranks #28 when it comes to customer reviews on TripAdvisor. This rating speaks loudly for it’s reputation as being well liked by locals and tourists alike. Next time you’re in Vegas and want a little reprieve from high priced, fancy dining, definitely give Taco El Gordo a try – I think you’ll be pleased you did!