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Celebrity Stylist Derek Warburton & Bottomless Closet are teaming up to present “Real Fashion. Real Women. Runway Show” as a grand finale for New York Fashion Week and we, at SocialVixen, want to send you! The event includes Complimentary Cocktails Courtesy of Svedka, Music by DJ Kiss, and  will feature looks by some of the hottest fashion designers including Nicole Miller, Betsey Johnson, Rachel Comey, Lela Rose, Krizia, Kim Hicks, Ivana Helsinki, Leila Shams, Joseph, and more! While the fashion will be fabulous, the main attraction of the night will be showing your support for the women of Bottomless Closet.

At Bottomless Closet, women who are surviving different perils in life whether it is homelessness, abuse or job loss find a safe place to re-build their strength and self confidence. Tomorrow’s event will feature 24 REAL New York women from Bottomless Closet who have been cast to walk in the show as a way to bring REAL fashion to the runway. These women, whose sizes range from 4-12, will prove that not only do fashion designers design with glamour in mind, but to show that our industry cares about its real consumer, the women who wear the clothes. It will be the last official show on the Fashion Week calendar (the Empire Hotel is conveniently located across the street from the Lincoln Center) and will be a mix of participating designers, editors, celebrities, friends, and supporters.

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Tickets includes access to this extraordinary event, taking place on February 16th at 8pm, starting off with a cocktail reception, followed by the inspirational runway show and topped off with a fabulous after-party at the Empire Hotel’s rooftop lounge. There is additional information about Bottomless Closet and the event’s host after the jump…

About Bottomless Closet:

During Bottomless Closet workshops, we spend the first hour on self-esteem building by going around the room discussing all of our challenges. This is a heart wrenching experience. You are never so shocked and moved as being in a room full of women and having one of them admit for the first time that they ran for their lives because their partner was beating them and their children.

Derek Warburton has been involved with Bottomless Closet ( for nearly four years and has personally worked with over 450 women. Derek hosts a monthly, two-hour workshop called “HOW TO BE DEREK FABULOUS” that helps prepare homeless women for job interviews. With your help, we can change a woman’s life by providing clothing that is interview- appropriate and can lead to a successful job.

Derek started working with Bottomless Closet because these women and their circumstances are part of his personal real life story. Derek grew up with a displaced mother. They were homeless for 8 months when he was 14 years old. He lived in a tent with no electricity, water or bathroom. He dug their open sewer. But the real story was that his mother had a job the entire time. She was not abused, nor did she do drugs. She was a hard working single parent who got behind on rent. It is a slippery slope to homelessness. Derek wants to do his part in caring for these women who became stigmatized due to their circumstances.

Many stories are similar to this, but we also hear about how they have gotten jobs, their children are prospering again, and, with the many questions of “what do I wear?”, we move on to the makeover part of our session. The women “shop” with Derek from the rooms of donated clothing at Bottomless Closet, as he and his team prepare them for interviews with wardrobe.