When I first saw this gold plated shark’s tooth cuff behind the glass counter at TJ Maxx, I was immediately drawn to it.

Not only is it gold and shiny and beautiful, but it satisfies my inner fascination with sharks and pretty much all wildlife. But especially sharks…. mostly because they’re so intimidating!


The original cuff by Janna Conner was selling online for $120, but is now sold out.

The price at TJ Maxx? $25.


In many ways, I think that stores like TJ Maxx satisfy this primal urge to forage.

When I was younger, me and my friends would spend hours looking through the racks at thrift stores where we’d find a great deal on that ONE piece that felt like it was meant to be – perfect style, fit, price, etc.!

I love the fact that TJ Maxx doesn’t stock a gazillion of each item, so there’s a feeling of exclusivity, but at a really great deal.

Me mucho gusto!

Janna Connor Shark tooth bracelet_143536