Today is another cold and rainy day in Nova Gorica and all I want to do is snuggle up under the covers. Our tour guide arranged for a bus to take the group to explore some nearby caves, but the thought of going from one cold and damp place, to another cold and damp place, hundreds of feet below the ground, just isn’t appealing to me. Besides, we recently spent the day exploring Carlsbad Caverns (my second visit), and another touring the underground salt mines in Poland (JC’s second visit). While both trips were fascinating, we both feel as though we have had our underground fix for the time being.

So…instead, I’m watching Youtube videos of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and enjoying all the Spring/Summer 2015 Collections. Since I don’t intend on doing much else today, I don’t have any new photos to post from Slovenia.

Instead, here’s some Noon by Noor to serve as substitute eye candy…

The Bahrain-based designers that make up Noon by Noor were inspired by a tropical party. Island-inspired prints, metallic woven fabrics, and white platform sandals all make a noteworthy appearance in this season’s repertoire and I have to say – I’m loving it!