If I weren’t doing what I’m doing today, I’d be traveling around the world on the back of a motorcycle.

The above is a quote by fashion designer, Donna Karan, that I think perfectly captures her free spirit and love for travel. I can just picture it now; the wind in her hair as she rides down iconic route 66 wearing a faded pair of perfectly fitted denim jeans. At the end of her journey, however, I’m sure that she would wind up back in the one City that will always be home – New York City.

It is this wonderful city, after all, that has shaped who she is today and is almost always the inspiration behind her designs. She was born in NYC, she went to school in NYC, she built a career in NYC, and she will undoubtedly always return to NYC, where she has been nicknamed the Queen of 7th Avenue.

For DKNY Spring/Summer 2015, we see a lot of sportswear influence such as sneakers paired with dresses, mesh overlay, and baseball jackets redesigned in luxe fabrics. Bold, geometric patterns can be found on everything from sweatshirts to evening wear. It is a beautiful juxtaposition that blends two opposite ends of the spectrum into one cohesive line and I’m absolutely loving it!