Leifsdottir is a brand that is sold in Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, though seems to be transitioning into an exclusive deal with Anthropologie. Their clothes are super feminine and encapsulate the classic housewife, or the modern day Hamptonite.

To display their Spring 209 collection, Leifsdottir opted for a free-flowing, themed space rather than sending the models down the runway.The models wore their hair in curls and had super ‘rosy’ cheeks. The collection was definitely inspired by the sea and aquatic details ran throughout each of the pieces. The models even used seashell props, like a fan made of coral or a phone made from a conch shell, and wore accessories made from starfish and shells. To really create an ‘under the sea’ feel, some of the models blew bubbles, while posing for the photographers.

Photos can be seen below.