Battle Abbey is where the Battle of Hastings was fought between the Duke William II of Normandy and the Anglo-Saxon King Harold II in October of 1066.

We decided to do the self guided audio tour which did a great job of leading us through the events that took place leading up to the battle, as well as during and after.


The structure in the photo below is still an active building; the arches are guarded and allow traffic through for a private school that’s on the property and the interior serves as a museum filled with artifacts from the days when the castle was still in use.

Hastings Castle_7580

Hastings Castle_7565

The building below is now a private school.

Hastings Castle_7596

The field and castle below are where the Battle of Hastings took place. The fighting began at 9 am on Saturday 14 October 1066 and lasted until dusk.

Hastings Castle_7575

Hastings Castle_7579

Hastings Castle_7581

Hastings Castle_7582

Hastings Castle_7589

Hastings Castle_7590

Hastings Castle_7600

Hastings Castle_7598

Hastings Castle_7601

Hastings Castle_7612

Hastings Castle_7631

The gift shop had a lot of unique souvenirs, including a nice selection of mead and berry flavored wines.

Hastings Castle_7563

 For more information, you can visit the Hastings Castle Official Website.