The temperatures have been crazy this week in Vegas – I’m talking triple digits, reaching as high as 120 degrees!

So what does an extremist do in these conditions?

Go hiking, of course!

I mean, why not? I’ve hiked extreme conditions on the other end of the spectrum; blizzards with frozen terrain (you need to wear crampons on your shoes to grip the ice) and temperatures so low that your water bottles freeze.

So, it only seems natural to try hiking in the heat. Especially, now that I’m living in the desert. I mean, I can’t sit home all day and not hike. That would be silly.

Hiking in these conditions does require a bit of preparation though, so I did go out and make a few new purchases including a lightweight pair of uv blocking sunglasses (also polarized), uv blocking long sleeved shirts that are super moisture wicking, and a wide brimmed hat. I feel like I look stupid in the hat, or at least it doesn’t feel like me, but it does the trick for now.

I also have a pair of Nike gloves, and the Adidas Galaxy Trail sneakers, which have great grip on the rocks when I’m scrambling. (I still want to get another pair of scrambling shoes though that have better ankle support.)

Of course, I packed plenty of water (some of which I froze overnight) and snacks, among other things.

For this hike, we went a little over 3 miles and started in the opposite direction from the last time we hiked Kraft Mountain in May. This allowed us to make of the most of the morning shade, before the sun peaked over the mountain; a giant orb of fire shining down on us. Its heat felt so powerful, and the way it was rising over the rocks made it look enormous!

This hike has a decent amount of light scrambling on the trail, which in my opinion, makes it a lot of fun. You can really get a full body workout, while enjoying the beautiful landscape. There is something so awe inspiring about making your way through giant boulders that have been there for a really, really long time.

Kraft Mountain-071919a Kraft Mountain-DSCN5924 Kraft Mountain-DSCN5955 Kraft Mountain-DSCN5837 Kraft Mountain-DSCN5940 Kraft Mountain-DSCN5942
Kraft Mountain-073859
Kraft Mountain-073903 Kraft Mountain-074245 Kraft Mountain-080929 Kraft Mountain-081100 Kraft Mountain-081904 Kraft Mountain-082033 Kraft Mountain-082159 Kraft Mountain-082225 Kraft Mountain-082241Kraft Mountain-075617 Kraft Mountain-083520 Kraft Mountain-084633 Kraft Mountain-DSCN5822 Kraft Mountain-DSCN5963 Kraft Mountain-DSCN5961Kraft Mountain-DSCN5965

One of my favorite parts of this hike (besides the scrambling) is the view of the Las Vegas Strip towards the end of the trail…

Kraft Mountain-DSCN5968 Kraft Mountain-DSCN5971 Kraft Mountain-DSCN5974