So this was a fun hike that JC and I did the other day. This little gem of a trail has been down the street from me practically my whole life and I just found out about it the other day. How does that happen??? Lol.

If you look closely at the first pic below, you can see the red star where we started our hike. To reach the falls, we followed the red trail until we came to the intersection of the blue trail. At that point, we enjoyed the waterfall for a bit, then returned to our car via the same route. All in all, it was a little less than two miles total.

The path starts off nice and easy, passing by a woodsy tennis court and a lake. From there, the real fun starts – if you consider steep scrambles that get your cardio going – fun.  The reward is a semi obstructed view of Roaring Brook Falls with an 80 foot drop.

Roaring Brook Falls152558


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Roaring Brook Falls154720Roaring Brook FallsDSCN2124

Roaring Brook Falls154201IMG_20170420_195108_649 Roaring Brook Falls155218 Roaring Brook Falls155256Roaring Brook Falls154715 Roaring Brook Falls155428