The end of August on the East Coast always evokes the feeling of change. The nights are getting cooler and people scramble to enjoy the last few, precious days of Summer. Sure, the change is subtle at first, but the slight yellowing of leaves on the trees serves as a reminder that Fall is around the corner, and soon after that, the coldness of Winter will be upon us.

Our friend JQ decided to make the most of the fleeting summer heat by hosting an end of the summer party/”Labor Day Luau”. He rented a gorgeous beach house in Plymouth, Massachusetts and invited us to come out for the weekend. If you’re not from the area, but the name of this town sounds familiar, it’s because Plymouth is the town where the famous ship, the Mayflower, landed. The pilgrims who sailed on the Mayflower established New England, the oldest municipality in the United States. Needless to say, there’s a lot of history in this small town!

We made the three hour trek from central Connecticut to the Cape Cod Bay with the top of the convertible down. Blue skies and fluffy white clouds made a beautiful backdrop for the tree covered mountains that we passed along the way. Taking a detour due to traffic meant that we were able to see Craig’s Castle – a historical monument in the heart of Connecticut. Closer to the Massachusetts border, we found ourselves driving through a forest of pine that gave off the most intoxicating scent…dreamy.

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