(This is a continuation post. To start at the beginning of this section hike, visit Sages Ravine Northbound)

The next stretch of the trail brought us back into the woods, and consisted of a series of wooden boards that would normally be keeping our feet dry.

But, since there wasn’t really much water, they were more or less just a fun foot path.


We finally came across a river with a decent sized bridge that connects to a series of boardwalks. This area is basically full blown marsh land.

The kind of terrain where you’re afraid to step on the ground because you don’t know how far your foot is going to sink down.

It might not look too bad in the photos (or, maybe it does – I can’t tell), but in person it was quite uninviting.

There was no way to reach the water without braving some wild looking plant life, that was no doubt harboring some creepy crawlers, and the ground just beneath all of the brush was very soggy…

Not to mention, the water was stagnant and a weird greenish color.

Despite our impending need for a water source, we decided to keep going rather than risk trying to step off of the boardwalks for the murky green water. We still had (at least) one more road to cross and worst case scenario, we could call the hike quits at that intersection if we had to.

Although we didn’t end up getting water, I did enjoy this section of the trail. It was fun walking on all of the wooden platforms and boardwalks!


I could make a small house inside of this tree. Seriously, it’s massive.

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