Getting to camp while you still have some sunlight to spare, is one of the best feelings in the world when you’re backpacking.

We reached camp with plenty of time to set up our tents, but after seeing the shelter at The Hemlocks, we decided that we were going to use the bunk beds instead. The shelter was pretty clean and since we were the only people at camp, we had our choice of bunk beds, including a large sized loft that would be perfect in the winter, or during a rainstorm, when you want to be shielded from the weather. As it was, we each chose a lower bunk bed and enjoyed the fresh air which was cool enough to keep most of the bugs away, but not too cold that we weren’t comfortable.

The Hemlocks Shelter is located right next to Glenn Brook Shelter and while I think that The Hemlocks Shelter has room for 16 people – 4 bunk beds and then the big loft, I want to say that Glenn Brooks is camping platforms only.

For dinner, my dad built a campfire and I brought the necessary supplies to make S’mores. 🙂

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