Did you know that the word lousy means well supplied with or filled almost to excess?

I somehow made it well into my 20’s before learning this little bit of info.

I always thought that lousy meant awful, or unpleasant, (which it also does), but I never knew about this extra ‘hidden’ meaning.

So with that knowledge, let’s just say that the next stretch of the trail was ‘lousy’ with water, and I totally mean that in a good way!

After bickering over our low water supply in the last post, my dad spotted a natural water source and we were thankfully able to restock.

Back on the trail and about ten pounds heavier from water weight, we made our way over some more boardwalks and eventually crossed a rail road track. After that, it was more cornfields and farmland for a while as we made our way towards the base of June Mountain.

June Mountain would be our last big climb for the day before reaching camp.

The plan was to sleep at the Tom Leonard Shelter for the night, which meant we still had about 6 miles or so to go and the hardest part of the day was still ahead of us.

At this point, our fingers were crossed in hopes that we would reach camp before nightfall. We knew we’d be cutting it close.

The trail crosses over privately owned property – you can see a well defined footpath made by previous hikers walking through the field…

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