Just enjoyed a leisurely, poolside lunch at Pink Taco, located at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Skinny jalapeno margarita.

Shrimp ceviche, topped with a chilled shot of vodka.

Street taco sampler.

Coffee dusted filet mignon.

Sides: corn on the cob, rice and beans…

Pink Taco, Las Vegas-DSC09385 Pink Taco, Las Vegas-DSC09405 Pink Taco, Las Vegas-DSC09407Pink Taco, Las Vegas-2-_132210 Pink Taco, Las Vegas-DSC09399 Pink Taco, Las Vegas-DSC09390 Pink Taco, Las Vegas-DSC09400 Pink Taco, Las Vegas-DSC09402Update: Round Two of our dining experience at Pink Taco – we decided to eat here again during our trip…we got so much food, I don’t even know where to begin! Although everything was delicious, I think that the chili relleno -(a pepper stuffed with meat and topped with melted cheese) was my favorite!

The view was pretty amazing too – we decided to sit outside and watch the sun set over the palm trees by the pool…

Pink Taco, Las Vegas-2-DSC00104 Pink Taco, Las Vegas-2-DSC00100 Pink Taco, Las Vegas-2-DSC00116 Pink Taco, Las Vegas-2-DSC00117 Pink Taco, Las Vegas-2-DSC00130 Pink Taco, Las Vegas-2-DSC00106