After leaving the wine country in Northern California, JC and I decided to check out another famous attraction on the Pacific West Coast – the Redwoods!

The drive to the Redwoods consisted of a long and winding road along the coast. We were driving along on a seemingly empty road just as the sun was setting, which made the drive even that more beautiful!

Once we got to the famous drive-through-tree, our car barely fit through the opening and we had to fold our side mirrors in first!

Redwoods 2013-DSC02554

Earlier in the drive, we drove by a herd of  elk and stopped to take some photos – there were so many and they all looked pretty content lounging in the sun and munchin’ on green  grass.

There were a few other tourists who stopped as well and the elk couldn’t have seemed less interested in our presence! My guess is that they’re pretty used to having their photo taken.

More pics below…

Redwoods 2013-DSC02502aaa

Redwoods 2013-DSC02500

Redwoods 2013_3367

Redwoods 2013_3376

Redwoods 2013_3379