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Apartment Hunting in NYC

Recently, we have been looking at apartments in New York City and so far, these are my two favorite views. Both are completely different, but beautiful in their own way. I love the Central Park Skyline seen in the first photo, but the view facing the...

A Day in the Rain!

Good morning, New York. I see we have another couple of rainy days ahead of us so get out the umbrellas, rain gear and such! If you are anything like me you own a handful of such neccessities from last minute purchases from street vendors. I have a terrible habit of leaving my apartment with just enough time to catch my train which means no turning around and taking the elevator back up to the 14th floor...once I exit the lobby I must just pray that the weather holds up until I get wherever I am headed. I am getting MUCH better at checking the weather before leaving my apartment. In Orlando (Florida) I never had this problem - it was always sunny with a midday thunderstorm in which everyone went inside. Aaah...how I miss the simplicities!

Winter Drive In Connecticut

The other day, I had the pleasure of taking a drive through Connecticut shortly after a snowfall. The long and winding, forest lined, roads looked beautiful against the clear blue sky! A lot of the trees looked like they were made of ice since they w...

My Day In New York City

On Monday I spent the day wandering around New York City, more specifically, the garment district which has an extensive selection of fabric stores (muah hah hah). Besides having a large selection, I was really fascinated by how a lot of the store...