I really wanted to like these pink grapefruit scented face wipes by Neutrogena, but unfortunately I ended up using them once and then tossing them in the trash bin!

At first, I was like “Oooh, grapefruit”, but then there was a lingering odor that wouldn’t go away; an odor that can be best described by comparing it to cat urine – so not cute! Not only was the smell offensive, but also, my skin was a little sensitive to these wipes, which has not been the case with other Neutrogena products that I’ve tried. After wiping my make-up off, my cheeks actually burned a little and were slightly red. Nothing crazy, but still I thought I should mention it for folks who have sensitive skin.

So, while I’m a fan of Neutrogena and many of their products, I have to say that the pink grapefruit scented face wipes are not going to be a staple in my daily cleansing routine. Do yourself a favor and steer clear, unless you like smelling like a male cat marking his territory…

Sorry Neutrogena, I still love you, just not this particular product.