What can be a better wake up call then getting your heart trampled on and all of your future dreams tossed out the window like the baby’s bath water?! Getting dumped can be one of the hardest life lessons that a person has to face, but it can also be a great remedy for changing your life!

Some people take a break- up and dwell on it…let’s face it, most of us do! We’ve all been there, moping about wondering “why me?!” It is okay and NORMAL to think about the creep who couldn’t live up to all of your expectations, but it is POWERFUL to take the experience and start making changes. Positive changes can impact your life in an amazing way and let everyone know, including and most importantly yourself, that nobody is going to break your spirit!

A person has the ability to live several lives in one lifetime, but often people choose to live one life…the comfortable life. Taking risks (healthy risks) and putting yourself out there is the best way to grow and learn and essentially reinvent yourself! I can’t think of a better way to help jump start this new you- then by getting dumped!!

So next time you are feeling the woes of a broken heart, don’t just sit around and wait for that person to realize they miss you or eat 9 gallons of Double Fudge Brownie. Think of all of the great things you have time to do now that you are single and DO THEM!

~Relationship Vixen

How do you handle your break-ups? Do you sit around with your girlfriends and mope or perhaps you throw yourself overtime into your work?