One of the things that I enjoy most is writing in a journal before bed. I have kept a journal since third grade and it has been very beneficial. On one hand it acts as a sort of release for me from the day’s activities, while helping me to sort out topics that I may be struggling with. I’ve recently realized however, that there is a third benefit to having kept a journal for so many years. I can go back and read about past relationships and analyze them from a future perspective.

Looking back at past relationships can make present relationships make more sense. You may discover that you keep dating the same type of person and wonder why it never works out. Past journals can help you to break the cycle!

You may also find some solace in reading these past entries. For instance, if you are going through a very difficult break-up, going back and reading about a past break-up that was probably just as difficult gives you a sense of ease that, if you were able to recover from a heartache just as difficult in the past, then you can and will do it again!!

Reading past journals can also boost your self-esteem because you can really see, as clear as day, just how much you have grown and how far you’ve come in dealing with relationships!