At one point in my dating “career,” I started to explore hitting on men as an alternative to waiting for him to hit on me. At first I felt very confident and “ballsy,” if you will. I’d spot a guy that I found attractive and I’d march right over to him and start up a conversation. I would almost always think that things were going good and that I had really impressed the guy. I’d often leave the conversation with a cute one-liner that had him chuckling and my number stored into his phone, but time and time again this technique would flop because HE NEVER CALLED!!!

Now, either I coincidently always chose men who were somehow unavailable, starting a new relationship or getting back with their exes OR it had to have been my approach! I started to think that hitting on a guy does not work. I think that men need to feel the chase; like they are these big burly hunters out fighting for their kill! Somehow hunting is not fun when your prey comes right up to you and basically grabs your riffle by the shaft (no pun intended) and tells you to fire!!

Needless to say, this method of meeting men has been filed away for a while now. I think the best way to get a guy to come and talk to you is to smile at him and hope that he can muster up enough courage to come and at least say hello.

What experiences have you had with hitting on men?