Lately, my guilty snacking pleasure has been the little pieces of heaven on a stick that Starbucks calls ‘cake pops’. At about 170 calories a pop (pun intended), I have to be careful about how many I eat and consequently have swapped my daily latte for an unsweetened iced tea to help balance the calories. (Unsweetened tea has zero calories).

From left to right: Tiramisu, Candy Cane, Raspberry Chocolate.

The cake pops come in a few different flavors including tiramisu, chocolate raspberry, rocky road, chocolate mint (candy cane), and my absolute favorite – birthday cake!

Next time your at Starbucks, I highly recommend trying these tasty treats on a stick – though I should warn you, they are much denser and moister than your average cake. To me, it’s almost like cookie dough, but cake flavored dipped in an outer layer of chocolate. Personally, I think this is part of what makes them so great!!!