Recently, I was sent a sampling of pastries from Debbie’s Rugelach. Three flavors included ‘Very Apricot’, ‘Traditional Currant Walnut’, and ‘Decadent Chocolate Chip’. If you love sweet, sugary snacks that are decadent and delicious then you will definitely love Debbie’s Rugelach. These little puff pastries are filled with some of the most scrumptious ingredients like dried, (but moist), fruits, miniature chocolate chips, and fresh walnuts. Then, they are topped with large sugar crystals mixed with ground cinnamon. And…Every batch of this old world handmade treat is crafted with NO PRESERVATIVES, is made with all natural ingredients, nothing artificial, no jams, no spreads, no pastes, no fillers, and is Kosher certified!

Social Vixen Note: These snacks do require a hand, napkin, or small dish to collect the crumbles as this rugelach is made with a flaky crust. I do not advise biting into these tasty treats while typing one handed on a keyboard!*;-) More…

What is Rugelach?

Rugelach is a traditional Eastern European pastry. It’s name comes from the Yiddish word “rugel”, meaning “royal”. Contemporary Jewish-American rugelach descends from this tradition, using a wide variety of fillings. There is no other Jewish sweet that has become more mainstream than rugelach. Delicious for dessert with your coffee or tea, or even as a tasty snack!


Debbie’s Rugelach will maintain their flavor and texture for several months in the freezer. They can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated in an air tight container for at least a couple of weeks. They are great warm, too. You can take them straight from the freezer or at room temperature to the microwave for 30-40 seconds.

Given the taste, quality ingredients, and shelf life of Debbie’s Rugelach, I definitely think that these pastries make a great holiday gift, (alone or as part of a gift basket), and are perfect for serving at holiday parties (with a napkin or small dish, of course)! They also pair well with some common refreshments. I loved the ‘Decadent Chocolate Chip‘ paired with freshly brewed coffee or espresso, the ‘Very Apricot‘ was amazing with a glass of Champagne (or non-alcoholic sparkling cider), and the ‘Traditional Currant Walnut‘ was exceptional with a warm cup of black tea.

Debbie's Rugelach

Debbie’s Rugelach

About Debbie’s Rugelach:

In 1987 Debbie Kaufman’s passion for making fabulous hand made desserts and pastries led to the creation of a small catering business, Debbie Does Desserts. She soon realized her traditional rugelach were a big hit and decided to put all her efforts into producing the baked treats. But raising two toddlers and running a baking business weren’t a good mix. So she left it behind and for 22 years quietly continued to fulfill her family and faithful customer’s cravings for the delicious pastries.

Finally in 2009, and the timing much better, Debbie’s Rugelach was reborn! Perfecting these special rugelach has been a labor of love. “Nothing makes me happier than knowing my loyal customers savor my unique hand made pastries, and I hope you will, too!”  If you would like to know more about Debbie, you can check out her Blog page.