Silhouette’s Crystal Collection, which launched internationally in March 2011, has redefined aesthetics, uniting design with the magical power of light.  Helena Christensen is the face of the new collection which gives passion and glamour new meaning while providing modern women with one-of-a-kind eyewear, refined with the unmistakable sparkle of pure crystal. Crystal Collection Eyewear models featured in Binetti’s Fall/Winter 2011 presentation included Limelight, Sparkling Icon, SUN Limelight and Gemstone.

The Silhouette Studio Collection was designed to turn seeing without boundaries into a visual experience through artful and extreme black and white effects and color combinations that represent and match each wearer’s unique and distinct style statement in perfect harmony. Created in celebration of the glamour of the 1960’s and 1970’s, this collection boasts a unique, retro chic experience par excellence. The Studio Collection Floating Waves model was included in Binetti’s Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Presentation.


Silhouette’s Crystal and Studio eyewear collections highlight the brand’s impeccable standards and perfection of design, while working well in tandem with Diego Binetti’s ever changing design vision, which includes unique threads of the past and present.

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During New York Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to attend a luncheon where Helena Christensen spoke about her role as the new face of the collection.

Q. Can you share a little bit about this experience and your decision to be part of it?

Helena: “Well, it was very exciting for me to partner with such a strong and innovative company and obviously being part of something that is so unique from this eyewear. So for me it was both personally interesting and exciting and I got to show something that has not been shown before. Workiing with the company that focuses exclusively on the production of the rimless eyewear and its very exciting to wear.”

Q. For the campaign, you were photographed by Neil Kurt, was this experience any different than working with him in the past?

Helena: “I don’t think I had worked with Neil for, maybe 12 years or so. So that was first of all great to see him again – a lot of memories to talk about and he’s still the same – he’s got a great sense of humor, he’s a wonderful photographer, and he made the day very enjoyable. We were cracking up the whole day. You know, it was an easy shoot. It was a meeting of old friends that I’ve had such wonderful experiences with all the way since the beginning of my career, 20 years ago.”

Q. Regarding beauty, what is your secret?

Helena: “It really all comes down to how much sleep I get.”

Q. Any other beauty secrets?

Helena: “I moisturize a lot, so I always look kind of shiny but I try to look shiny still be dry. That’s actually a good reason to not be so shiny is to wear glasses so they don’t slide down my face but moisturizing is very important and also another boring beauty tip – I wish I could say something that was not a boring beauty tip but I have to say something about I also have to force myself to drink water because I also don’t find it very exciting. So I try to drink as much as possible.”

Q. How do you choose your accessories?

Helena: “I think that wearing accessories fro me become very personal whatever I wear needs to have a significant personal meaning to me so I might wear a ring that someone very special gave to me or I wear a medallion around my neck when I travel. Its kind of like, you know, a keep me safe sort of mentally. I feel like if I wear that medallion it will be fine, there will be no turbulence and then I have little pieces from my mother’s country, Peru, and from Denmark or my son’s beaded necklace that he made in kindergarten that have ‘mom’ written on them. I like wearing things like that and actually I would wear an evening dress out to a fancy event, the twice a year that I actually go to those, and I would wear them with that. To me that doesn’t seem weird, it seems like the right reason to wear an accessory.”

Q. Can you speak about your hobby as a photographer?

Helena: “The reason that I started modeling was actually so that I could photograph. Because, I was photographing since my late teens and I started working as a model when I was about 19/20 yrs old. I gave it a week I figured if it would last for a week then I should give it another chance and it did.”

Q. Regarding photo shop:

“A very good photo shopper makes sure that they do not cover up anything that is essential about somebody’s face. I sometimes look at fashion stars and am like oh no, they did it again. They went too far and they forgot that what was so beautiful about that person in the first place has been covered up to show something that is a fake beauty/reality which is part of the business we’re in.”

Q. Can you finish the following sentences?

To hide your eyes is to…

Helena: “To hide spirit, your soul in a way but you know sometimes that’s what you feel like doing and its necessary but other times I think its important that youre showing your eyes because its what people most identify with.”

When I communicate with people, its most important for me to know that…

Helena: “That there is theat honest eye contact. And eye contact that if obstructed in any way might take away the attention so I think its cool that people have the opportunity of deciding wwether they want to wear frames or rimless eyewear because everyone feels comfortable with one or the other. I think for me, I would probably want that complete and open eye contact.”

About Silhouette Optical, Ltd.

In a world of distinctive luxury, Silhouette is so proud to embark in the world of crystals. Each frame is a distinct showpiece complimented by the magic of crystals and soft, sophisticated design. This collection of crystals in available in four optomic and three sunglass styles. Silhouettes Crystal Collection is 80% made by hand! Some of their models actually take up to two hours to set the crystals. The process in which the crystals are set is called crystal appliqué. It is so unique in the industry to have a crystal that once you set it in its place it actually stays in the setting it was made for. This gorgeous collection, representing this distinct style and statement is really shown again during fashion week alongside with worldclass designer Diego Binetti, as he features his Fall/Winter 2011 Collection.  As for the crystal collection campaign, even the world’s most beautiful and stunning women appear more expressive and attractive when they’re wearing Silhouette Eyewear. For this campaign, international fashion photographer Neil Kurt beautifully captured the essence of the mood of this spectacular collection and simutaneaously he captured the unmistakeable beauty of world renowned supermodel Helen Christensen as she became the face of Silhouette’s beautiful campaign.

Silhouette has become known for its renowned rimless luxury eye-wear. Their non-invasive rimless designs have been synonymous with harmonious beauty and high aesthetics unmarred by function. The line offers eye-wear solutions for everyday occasions and a varied lifestyle.

The Crystals Collection by Silhouette which includes three sunglasses and four prescription models, sees the brand compliment their floating rimless creations with the power of crystals.

Silhouette Optical, Ltd. is a subsidiary of Silhouette International, the Austrian eyewear manufacturer founded in 1964 by Arnold and Anneliese Schmied in Linz. In addition to the Silhouette brand, the Company also produces and markets worldwide models of the licensed brand adidas eyewear. Silhouette eyewear is available in more than 100 countries.