Anne Bowen’s Winter 2011 “Oneness”  Presentation explores the interconnectedness of all humanity. In this installation Anne Bowen, a ready to wear designer, entwines wool and silk threads from the gowns on to the models and on to the walls and ceilings.  Inspired by the works of Abstract Expressionists Jackson Pollack, Phillip Guston and Mark Rothko as well as present day artists Chiharu Shiota, Marina Abramovic and Ana Mendieta ,  Anne Bowen creates a spatial installation where the threads connect all, thus questioning our concept of the individual.  The performative presentation is done with purpose as traditional runway shows limit the designer’s ability to involve the viewer.  Here Anne Bowen creates a visual web, encasing live models and her collection representing the web of our ideas and ourselves, where one can walk through and around to experience the concept. Anne Bowen Collection Winter 2011 “Oneness” expresses that we are inextricably linked to each other.

Anne Bowen, throughout her collections has explored complex issues such as “Become Unique” in her 2009 Collection. In a short film inspired by “Koyannisqasti”, she created and filmed with Candlefly Productions guerilla style in the subways of New York. In the film she captures the vast pulsing humanity with its industrial catalysts and the individual. She filmed her models standing completely still while the subway rushes past directly behind only to have the wind as movement as seen in the hair and clothes while the camera captures her focus on the individual. This juxtaposition of the individual as unique against the hurtling, pulsing, industrial city and mass humanity, questions the importance and the role of the individual ego, as fashion is most often about the ego. “Um Alongti Qasti” in Hopi means “Become Unique”.

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