Monique Lhuillier’s Fall/Winter Collection was titled “The Year of The Dragon” and contained a palette of volcano red, charcoal black, ash grey, smoldering gold and a variety of prints all inspired by the Orient – a popular theme on this season’s runway. In a recent interview I did with Ford’s Senior Interior Designer, Anthony Prozzi; Anthony said that we are currently “experiencing an Elizabeth Sanders moment like the protagonist from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” It’s movies like this, that  combined with the vampire craze of Twilight, True Blood, and the Vampire Diaries, have sparked a dichotomy of hardware and leather mixed with ultra soft fabrics like chiffon and velvet. This idea is very evident in Monique Lhullier’s collection.

Speaking of  ‘vampires’, sitting front row at Monique Lhuillier’s Fall/Winter runway presentation was The Vampire Diaries‘ Nina Dobrev and fellow actress Camilla Alves.

All Monique Lhuillier runway images seen below were taken by Jane Kratochvil Photography. Above: Photo of me and Monique Lhullier taken by AK-47.

Anais: Red and noir printed lace cocktail dress with a full skirt and black leather bodice.

Erjona: Noir and red volcano print, sleeveless seamed sheath with leather trim.

Ming: Red leather sleeveless cocktail dress with full skirt and leather bodice.

Kate: Grey printed jacquard cocktail dress with full skirt and swakara, leather bodice.

Vasalisa: Red georgette blouse with leather necktie and cuffs. Paired with a red and noir printed lace pencil skirt with leather yoke.

Ella: Grey long sleeve swakara coat with high collar.

Herieth: Noir velvet long sleeve cocktail dress with tear drop back.

Franziska: Red crepe seamed sleeveless cocktail dress with lace neckline.

Emily: Red crepe long sleeve seamed gown with leather cross back and shoulder detail.

Emily: Red crepe long sleeve seamed gown with leather cross back and shoulder detail.

Emily: Red crepe long sleeve seamed gown with leather cross back and shoulder detail.

Mina: Red crepe seamed gown with leather strap and hip detail.

Hanna R: Noir velvet long sleeve gown with exposed back.

Isabella: Noir crepe one shoulder gown with lace shoulder and hip detail.

Suzie: Noir wool tuxedo jacket with leather shoulders and embroidered lapel. Paired with a Chantilly lace blouse and Noir wool seamed pant.

Anais: Noir wool coat with leather shoulder and embroidered front panels. Noir wool sheath with leather trim.

Tao: Red geometric embroidered long sleeve cocktail dress.

Kate:  Gold embroidered seamed cocktail dress.

Ming: Noir crepe seamed jumpsuit with gold embroidered shoulders and mesh neckline.

Iris: Red embroidered v-neck gown.

Teva: Noir and brown embroidered gown with a cutout bodice.

Katia: Lava print chiffon strapless draped gown.

Herieth: Brown chiffon one-shoulder draped gown.

Mina: Noir embroidered long sleeve gown with a tulle neckline and an organza layered skirt.

Vasalisa: Nude tulle cap sleev gown with red embroidery.

Anais: Red lace ball gown with an organza layered skirt.

Final walk.

All Monique Lhuillier images taken by Jane Kratochvil Photography.