You know you are on the back-burner when “He lets you go to sleep mad”

The oldest trick in the dating book has been sweeping the nation lately…The “Back-Burner” phenomenon– Daters beware! This strategy is used by many and it can be very deceiving if you let it. People now- a- days are always looking for the better deal. Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in not settling for anything but the best, but when I know that something or SOMEONE is not right for me then I know how to tell them goodbye.

5 Ways To Tell If You Are on Somebody’s “Back Burner”:

1.) They make plans with you last second- This guy has more “interesting” things to do, but if those things fall through then he’s always got you as a back-up plan. Don’t fall for this sly means of keeping you interested just enough, so HE’s not alone!

2.) They say one thing but act in another way- This guy has an agenda and that agenda does not include your feelings or happiness. His agenda only includes his needs and wants. Stringing you along is of no concern for him. He’ll give you the world of love you so desire, but he’ll do it with WORDS only.

3.) He has a “Boys before Bitches” type attitude- His friends come first ALWAYS! This macho man persona is a dead give-away that you are dating a weak-minded follower who will do anything to impress his friends (including stomping all over YOU!!) He is in a boy band and he’s not even close to being the lead singer!! Get out quick!!!

4.) He lets you leave or go to sleep mad- When you really care about someone and you know that you hurt them (even if it was unintentional) you are anxious to convince them that you love them and don’t want to lose them. If a guy lets you walk out after a fight and doesn’t get into contact with you within the next few hours or the very next day, then he has other priorities.

5.) You rarely call the shots- When it has to do with making plans, you rarely, if ever, call the shots. Your schedule and the time you spend together revolve around him.

…so if HE is all about ME, ME, ME then you need to FLEE, FLEE, FLEE!!!

~Relationship Vixen