Electric Run is a 5k run that takes place at night to the sights and sounds of an amazing world created by stage designers from Coachella, Dreamworks animators and other talented artists. With one million watts of light and a sound system that will transform the 5k course into an electric wonderland, participants run with glow sticks, LEDs and anything else their imagination can conjure up that glows in the dark!Video below: Carmen Electra hosted the first ever Electric Run in partnership with Neff in Southern California set to an incredible EDM soundtrack with a glow-in-the-dark neon theme.The song in the video is “Walls” by Sultan + Ned Shepard ft. Quilla.

Please Note: Turn Down Volume (Sorry).

The Electric Run race track features distinct lighting experiences with different moods and elements. Some are fast paced and energetic, while others are more etherial. Each event is unique, but some of the experiences you can look forward to are: glowing neon trees changing colors to match the music, tunnels with dancing patterns and figures on the walls, ceilings, and floors, lakes and rivers glowing in other-worldly hues, tunnels of light created by a rainbow or lasers, glowing arches and columns, Neon saguaro cactus, Red rock cliffs glowing in psychedelic colors and patterns, glowing arches changing color in tempo, colored fountains dancing to the beat, and an entire buildings lit so brightly that they can be seen from space.