Despite cloudy skies and a bit of rain, Sunday was absolutely incredible thanks to the AMG Performance Tour featuring Mercedes-Benz!

The high adrenaline performance drive was held at the Monticello Motor Club and the experience included a drive around the track with some of the industry’s best professional drivers.

Kristen Colapinto Mercedes-Benz

Me in the Mercedes-Benz that I wanted to drive home!

These drivers ensured a safe ride and offered up some great tricks of the trade while also encouraging drivers (such as myself) to push the pedal to the floor. At first I was a little nervous, but after one go around the track, I LOVED the feel of flooring it and hugging the corners. I actually had butterflies in my stomach!

Read More And Watch A Video Of Me Driving On The Monticello Track After The Jump…

While at Monticello Motor Club, I was able to test drive four of the latest Mercedes-AMG models, such as the SL63 AMG, E63 AMG, CLS63 and C63 AMG.

Guided by knowledgeable Product Specialists, I learned about the sophisticated performance technology behind these vehicles as well as others on display.

Mercedes-Benz AMG

This car was pretty amazing as well!

While I absolutely loved each and every one of the cars I test drove, I especially had a sweet spot for the CLS 63 AMG (below). This car literally hugs you as you go around corners creating one of the most comfortable rides at fast speeds and around sharp corners!

I mean, it literally hugs you – as you go around a corner, there are air bags in the seat which inflate and cradle you so that you stay put. It feels amazing!

Kristen Colapinto Mercedes-Benz


Here’s what the track looked like:

Monticello Motor Club

Monticello Motor Club

Of course, for safety reasons, we were required to wear helmets. I paired mine with my awesome new windbreaker, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz of White Plains, and my new Silhouette rimless shades – I think I look pretty much like a race car driver!!!*;-)

Kristen Colapinto Mercedes-Benz

Ready to go!

For fun, I decided to put together this video to share some of the driving experience. Note: I didn’t actually drive the white car with the gull wings! (Though I wish I had!!!)

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“You see the Vixen in me becomes an Angel for you”.

I had so much fun driving these amazing cars -a very huge thanks to Mercedes-Benz of White Plains for providing me with this unique (and very exciting) experience.