Today, we started our afternoon with some wine and tapas on the balcony and then around sunset, made our way over to the Marriott Hotel, for a more serious meal at Sirena Restaurant.

Sirena is one of our favorite restaurants on the island and we get to go there pretty often because it’s so close to our building. Not only is the food really good, but all of the tables are on a deck outside by the water. The atmosphere is very romantic with long white curtains that hang from a tall veranda, low lighting, and of course the sound of the waves and the coqui frogs!

Well usually…

Tonight, there was a pool party taking place not too far from the patio.

Although we didn’t mind the DJ playing EDM about a hundred yards from our table (I actually kind of like it), I can see this not being a positive for everyone.

IE the elderly couple from Wisconsin looking for a quiet dinner, without having to leave the hotel.

What we ordered

We enjoyed our evening as well as our meal consisting of Lobster Bytes”chicharrones” with a chorizo lemon mayo, and Red Snapper Fritters to start, followed by the Jumbo Sea Scallops on top of celery root puree, and a Beef Sirloin topped with a black peppercorn gravy and shoestring onion crisps. As usual, everything was delicious!

After dinner relaxation

Another nice thing about Sirena is that after dinner, you can relax in one of the chaise chairs on the deck, or walk out on the sand and find an empty hammock to veg in. You can also enjoy a cocktail or two, while vegging on said chaise lounge or hammock, should you choose to do so.


While Sirena does not currently offer a specialty drink menu, they do have a full bar and a wine list. So, as long as you know what you want to drink, they’ll be happy to make it for you. There’s not too many things in life that beat listening to the sound of the waves at night, while sipping on your favorite beverage and counting stars!

Viva la vida!

Sirena Oceanfront Restaurant-DSC02712Sirena Oceanfront Restaurant-DSC02711 Sirena Oceanfront Restaurant-DSC02746 Sirena Oceanfront Restaurant-DSC02739

The menus light up at night so that you can see them better!

Sirena Oceanfront Restaurant-212358 Sirena Oceanfront Restaurant-212403

Later in the night: I dip backwards into the ocean 7 times for the Night of Saint John (basically, a giant beach party right in our backyard!)